First: Old English fyr(e)st ; of Germanic origin, related to Old Norse fyrstr and German Fürst‘ prince,’ from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit prathama, Latin primus, and Greek prōtos.

Welcome to Panorama‘s first Quarterly Issue. Our purpose is to shift the perspective of travel literature and imagery towards a more panoramic, modern worldview, and we have chosen the theme of firsts to take you on a revolutionary journey through travel-themed fiction, poetry, imagery, essays, and memoir. 

We begin with illustrations by Gaurav Ogale, a photo essay of a rarely seen landscape in Iran by Farshid Tighehsez, and a slideshow of portraits which redefine how we see and are seen by Lola Akimade Åkerström. Then we travel to Everest through the eyes of three different writers, in Triptych. Murzban Shroff takes us to the streets of Mumbai in Streetview, Ernest White explores the legacy of the flaneur through James Baldwin, and Jose Varghese rediscovers the fine art of letter writing, describing an imagined journey to the island of Farasan. 

From poetry by Dato Madgraze about his native Georgia, to Alden Jones’ afternoon in Cuba with Nehanda Abiodun, once #3 on the FBI’s most wanted list, to Paul McVeigh’s essay on returning home to Belfast to question his Irish identity, Panorama‘s first issue takes you places while redefining how you see the world. 

Essay from the Senior Editor

What we leave behind 
Paula Lee


Serial displacement and the definitions of here and there.



TA Loeffler, Elizabeth Enslin, and Dharmendar Kanwar

Canada, USA, India

“The curtains flowed rhythmically in and out with the wail of the siren. Different from the wide-open view of the rescue helicopter, the ambulance felt closed in, shuttered. Shuttered like it might haul me off to where I’d never be heard from again.”