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Partner: from Middle English: alteration of parcener ‘partner, joint heir,’ from Anglo-Norman French parcener, based on Latin partitio(n-) ‘partition.
TogetherOld English tōgædere, based on the preposition to + a West Germanic word related to gather.

Panorama partners with other literary journals, associations, and groups worldwide, especially those that emphasize global, diverse and new school narratives outside of the traditional travel genre. To get a sense of who we are, read our Mission page and visit our Masthead.

If interested in inviting Panorama to attend literary events, festivals, and conferences—whether as keynote speakers or panellists on travel literature of all kinds—contact us with the dates, topics, and provisions, and we will provide writers and editors from our masthead if possible. Panorama panels are diverse and we are unable to create a panel without a commitment to diversity. Send queries and letters of interest to [email protected].

If interested in discussing another opportunity with Panorama, send queries and letters of interest to [email protected].

Thank you for considering partnering with Panorama: The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature.