We’re often asked why we decided to create Panorama, and this issue explains much of our answer: our editorial team wanted to gather together travel themed works in one place that would never be next to one another elsewhere, but that fit together in perfect symbiosis.

Panorama‘s latest edition illuminates some of the many directions this genre can go, all at once, beginning with Keith Skinner’s hybrid fictional piece about Mark Twain in Angel’s Camp, California, and Sara Pascarella’s colour filled, vibrant Saigon by moped. Our series on food and travel continues, this time featuring vegetarian Joelle Renstrom writing about hákarl, the famous putrefied shark dish of Greenland, with an illustration by Russian artist  Margarita Milanova.  Sarah Dickenson Snyder offers up a poem on the Nyamata Genocide Memorial, and Nigerian poet Uche Ogbuji asks the question, “I’ve wandered all my life, and might I call myself a journeyer now?”

We ask ourselves the same question. Enjoy the fifth issue of our weekly Sunday Magazine.