A recipe for cupcakes to heal your inner child

Ikram Tarkis


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For a dozen tasty cupcakes, you will need:

– 2 eggs, and if those were the last ones in your fridge, I’d suggest you make an omelette, just as bad as the one your father made you when you were a kid, on the days your mother was too unwell, too sad, too tired, too lonely. I believe that would make you feel more things than the cupcakes.

– 1 cup of milk, and it’s okay, I know it’s too hard for you to measure things, maths was never your friend. But if your heart can’t forget your teacher’s words about how dumb you are, please pour milk until your heart is satisfied again, I can promise you that Mrs. Amina was wrong.

– 1 cup of olive oil from the nearby Atlas Mountains, that would make you smile, wouldn’t it? Olive makes you long for the sunny summer days with your cousins and grandparents, surrounded by your father, when nights were spent under the moon, when you were speaking a language you no longer recognize in your lips. Isn’t she beautiful, the moon? Doesn’t she remind you of your mother? You’ve always wondered why she wasn’t with you, you miss her, don’t you? You wonder if she loved you, but when you think about it, if she loved you, she’d have made you the cupcakes.

– 2 cups of Finot lour, and skip the other ingredients, you’ve been standing here longer than your mother has ever been. Or maybe, she did stand here and made cupcakes before you were born, you know you’ve changed. You lived and sipped every ounce of life from her. Isn’t it ironic how you don’t even feel alive? You wonder if being sad all the time made your mother feel something, feel alive, or if she was just as numb as you are. Like mother, like daughter.

– Mix everything together well, until you can’t tell any ingredient from the other, and throw it all away because who needs cupcakes, you heard your mother say, even if it has been long since she was gone.

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