Panorama Spring 2017 2
We present our panoramic vision of travel literature in our Spring ‘Open’ issue. A carefully curated collection of travel poetry, fiction, and memoir, the selections for the ‘Open’ issue invite readers into the landscape of the personal journey, and redefine what that can be.

Much travel literature can sound the same. Panorama aims to publish works which illuminate the genre differently through a wider variety of viewpoints, like Steven Carr’s pilgrimage across South Dakota, Dave Harris’s essay on travelling as a black man in Arkansas, Waheed Khan’s pictorial essay on family travel and the gap year, and Steven Law’s poignant story of how adventure brought him back to life.

In this issue we introduce our new literary partnership with Voices of Our Nations (VONA), the international organisation which supports writers of colour, with the first in a series of works written by VONA writers. For ‘Open’ we have chosen Nadia L. Hohn’s story about travelling ‘woke’ to a tourist site in the southern United States which was a site of oppression for slaves.

Whether through poetry or short story, we invite you to awaken yourself, too, as you explore Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel.