Treasures Cover

Treasure, noun: Old French tresor; originating from the Gallo-Roman word tresaurus, meaning ‘treasury, hoard, treasure’, related to the Latin and Greek thesaurus. Replaced Old English goldhord.

Treasure, verb: ‘to amass treasure; to store up for the future’ also figurative, ‘regard as precious, retain carefully in the mind.’

Welcome to Panorama’s second Quarterly issue. Panorama exists to not only publish extraordinary diverse travel literature and imagery, but to widen the definition of what travel is. This Quarterly explores the idea of ‘treasure’ through travel-themed fiction, memoir, essays, poetry, photography, and illustrations.

For this issue, we’ve asked writers and image-makers to push the limits of how ‘treasure’ can be defined: what has value, what is found, what is lost, and how finding treasure -or not- changes them. We begin with magical illustrations by Spanish artist Marta Munoz, and a commentary on the duality of environmental degradation and the touristic fantasy of two of the landscapes of Rio, by Brazilian photographer Elsa Sereia Leyder.


Kenyan writer Richard Oduor Oduku writes about how reading about Thor Heyerdal’s epic 4,300-mile crossing of the Pacific on a balsawood raft in 1947 influenced his childhood dreams; Australian writer Leah Kaminsky follows the footsteps of Polish poet Melekh Ravitch across the outback, as he searches for those who have hidden themselves; and Indian writer Madhushree Ghosh takes to the streets of San Diego, finding herself in a balancing act between two cultures.

Treasures launches a new sophisticated series on cartography, set in motion by British cartographer Anne Louise Avery’s essay on the history of treasure maps, which includes the narratives of women and people of colour. We’re also delighted to publish our second Emerging Writer, Alex Borgen, who offers up an experimental lyrical piece on moving through place.

From travel fiction by American writer Anna O’Brien that takes you from the berth of a ship to the Bay of Bengal, to Nigerian-American poet Uche Nduka’s stirring poem on identity paired with place, to British writer Holly Dawson’s irreverent wanderings in Cornwall, Panorama brings you the world.


Street View
Alego to Polynesia