Intelligent: early 16th century: from Latin intelligent – ‘understanding,’ from the verb intelligere, variant of intellegere ‘understand,’ from inter ‘between’ and legere ‘choose.’

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Panorama emphasises writing and photography which is created with a deep intelligence, reconnecting us to the world.

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We require a cover letter for all submissions, with certain information provided [introduction, background, publication history, Twitter]. We also ask that all submitted work be sent as a Word Doc attachment, double-spaced, with page numbers. We are unable to accept work within emails, or sent as PDFs. We regret that due to the number of submissions we receive, submissions that do not meet our guidelines are declined. For more on our guidelines, read our FAQs and Submissions page. All emails should be sent to the section editor as indicated, and titled as requested. By following our guidelines, you can help us accept your work more quickly. Thank you.

Due to the number of submissions we receive, and our goal of publishing as many writers as possible, writers may only submit or query one work per issue. If your submission or query is declined for an issue, and the submission call is still open, you can submit another work or query again to that issue.

November 2022 issue: Dawn
Opens for submissions 12th September 2022 and closes for submissions 30th September 2022.
Dawn: /dɔː n/ origin: Old English dagian, from dæg meaning day; similar to Old Norse daga, Middle Dutch, Middle Low German dagenVerb. 1. To begin to grow light as the sun rises. 2. To begin to appear or develop. 3. To begin to be perceived or understood. Noun. 1. The first appearance of light in the morning. 2. The first opening or expansion of anything.
‘The dawn, even when it is cold and melancholy, never fails to shoot through my limbs as with arrows of sparkling piercing ice.’
― Virginia Woolf
‘Tess was awake before dawn — at the marginal minute of the dark when the grove is still mute, save for one prophetic bird who sings with a clear-voiced conviction that he at least knows the correct time of day, the rest preserving silence as if equally convinced that he is mistaken.’
― Thomas Hardy
‘And when the dawn comes creeping in,
Cautiously I shall raise
Myself to watch the daylight win.’
― D.H. Lawrence
​For this issue, we have chosen the theme of ‘Dawn’, and are especially interested in writing that explores new beginnings or transitions. It could be a new start, a new looking at one’s life, environments, space, relationships, or a reappraising of some element of society. New landscapes explored. New places ventured. New experiences in familiar environs. Pieces could also work as a ‘dawning’ or a realisation. For this call we will not accept queries or pitches, only completed works previously unpublished, with the exception of photography essays or book excerpt selections. Please see our FAQs and Submissions pages for more information, and for specific sections and submission length and information, read on below.
Sections open to the public for the Dawn issue:
Travel memoir: we seek works of nonfiction travel memoir with a strong narrative arc, a reflection, an awakening on traveling home, within your community or elsewhere. 1500 to 6000 words. Please send completed works to Editor Troy Onyango. Include a short bio and introduction to your work in your email to, and title email Dawn/Travel Memoir.
Travel fiction: we seek works of fiction around the specific theme of ‘new beginnings.’ Fictional works must include a journey to a place and hybrid works [a blending of fiction and nonfiction] will be considered as well as experimental works. We do not currently publish science fiction, but we are open to earth-land-sea -air fantastical journeys of any kind, as long as they are travelogue style and modeled on traditional journeys. 1500-3000 words. Please send completed works to Fiction Editor Vimi Bajaj. Include a short bio and introduction to your work in your email to, and title email Dawn/Travel Fiction.
Travel poetry: we seek poetry with a strong travel narrative. 1-2 pages. Please send completed works to Poetry Editors David Ishaya Osu and Devi Laskar. Include a short bio and introduction to your work in your email to, and title email Dawn/Poetry.
Book excerpt: we seek an excerpt from a book with a strong travelogue and dawn theme. (Note: it need not be a travel book.) We will reprint the excerpt in the Dawn issue, max. 12 pages, and prefer material from an upcoming or recently published title. Older material will also be considered if it responds particularly well to the theme. Email Nicolas Sampson – at – about the book you want to address and its correlation to the theme, and title the email: Dawn/Book Excerpt.
Psychogeography: we seek works that eschew the formulaic and solipsistic intellectualism of psychogeography for a more visceral, authentic engagement with the environment, with the other, and with the self: a verticality of exploration, rather than the pose of the flâneur. Writing that is experimental, or from marginalised/under-represented voices, especially welcome. Traditional travelogue format is not essential – beautifully-crafted prose is. Remember it is creative non-fiction we are after, not academic essays. 1500-3000 words. Please send expressions of interest and/or completed works to Psychogeography Editor, Dr Kevan Manwaring. Include a short bio and introduction to your work in the body of your email to Title email: Dawn/Psychogeography. For further information about psychogeography see: Un/packing Psychogeography.
Travel Flash: we also seek shorter works of travel memoir and nonfiction for the Travel Flash section. Pieces must be between 150 and 300 words, after edits, and no longer than 350 words before edits. Preference will be given to those pieces that present a strong sense of detail and place and a fleshed-out narrative, whether fictional or not. Send your work to Flash Editor Marie Baleo at with the title Dawn/Flash. Submissions for the Flash section will be open until the 15th October 2022.
Imagery: each issue, we publish two photo essays, one with accompanying text and one with an interview of the photographer. Please peruse the past issues to get a sense of the quality of images and direction, and send ten sample images previously published or not, your portfolio website, an introduction to the work you have selected, and its connection to travel and the issue theme to Creative Director, Matthew Webb at, and title email: Dawn/Photo Essay.