Written by

Nicolas D.R. Sampson


1st November 2022






Armos Books (Εκδόσεις Αρμός)

Όμορφη η Υφήλιος (Beautiful, Our World In the Sun)

Όμορφη η Υφήλιος (Beautiful, Our World in the Sun) is a composite story in the form of a poetry collection that focuses on personal loss, grief, rage, depression, and the loss of one’s purpose, all of which can either destroy a person, or remind one what’s truly important so that they may find their way back from the abyss.

The narrator, Alex Drakos, is unable to come to terms with the loss of his loved ones. Disconnected and jaded, he finds solace in a mindset that erodes what little faith he has in the world, falling prey to self-destructive behavior. The more he tries to disengage from the past, the more he resembles the people he blames for the world’s toxicity, and the deeper into their setup he descends.

The shadow spreads, fueled by denial and disillusionment. The downward spiral is vicious, with no end in sight, yet, deep inside, Alex knows that the denser the shadow, the stronger the light. Somewhere out there something bright awaits him, and he seeks it out with renewed purpose, driven by a sense of wonder. The darkness gives way to hope, and he falls in love with life all over again.



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