Joel M. Toledo


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I will conclude by saying that Z
Is an A with the luxury of hindsight

                       — Stanford Friedman

  2. Something. Sight.
  3. Depth. Water quickly making sense.
  4. Plot. Coastlines. Animals emerging. Flight and fall. Ground and collision.
  5. Tone. Exposure and gradations. The relenting of dark. More views and hues.
  6. Texture. A leaf against the sunlight. Waking up from dreams. Pain of fire. Feeling.
  7. Feeling.
  8. Feeling.
  9. Sound. A definition for the simple. Syllables.
  10. Complexity. Howling in the evening. The nod, the grunt. More gestures.
  11. The line. Fear explained in vain. More and more abstractions discovered. Prayer.
  12. Surrender. Pointing. Carving to make pointed. Patience. The kill, because hunger. Murder.
  13. Victory. Craving. The beginning of adjectives.
  14. Adjectives thriving. Awe, then boredom. Pity, then anger. More anger.
  15. The realization that verbs arrived long before.
  16. Declarations. Cruelty in scrolls. Warrior paint and red soil.
  17. Conquests. Defeats. A return to nouns. Scribes now turning from chroniclers to historians. Others surveying fallen pillars, examining newly risen banners.
  18. Calligraphy. Days and days of quiet and solitude.
  20. Music. Bards.
  21. Temperance. Cultivation. Culture. Regret and remorse. Reconstruction.
  22. It is to be called denouement, someone whispers, and all the scholars agree.
  23. Attempts at heightening the language. A great care for diction. The risk of metaphor.
  24. Entropy | Grace

Joel M. Toledo

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