Award nominations

​Award nominations are an important part of championing authors and new writing. Over the past year, we’ve nominated a number of authors (see the lists below), with thanks to recommendations from the Editors and wider Panorama team. Feedback from nominated authors has been encouraging and we wish you all the best in the awards process. If there’s more that we can be doing to help authors do be in touch.


Best American Essays 2024

Nominees submitted:

​Girl/Body as Theory of Space-Time
F. Rowan Waters (USA)

​Meeting the Mistress
Lisa VanderVeen (USA)

​Sylvie and the Wild Boar
D.D. Wood (USA)

Tender Headed
Faith Adiele (USA/Nigeria)

To the Hiker who Showed Me the Meadow of Wild Chives
Jen Karetnick (USA)


Best American Food Writing 2024

Nominees submitted:

Bloody Mary
Sarah Pazur (USA)

Frankly, I’m Yours: Or, Hot Dogs, an International Review
Claire O’Brien (USA/Costa Rica)


Pushcart Prize 2023

Nominees submitted:

A Blade of Grass, A Piece of Camel, A Grain of Sand
Marianne Abel-Lipschutz (Midwest USA / Guatemala)

Breaching the Invisible Border
Cecile J. Baltasar (Philippines)

Tijanna O. Eaton (USA)

Cyborgs on the Seme Border
Prosper Ifeanyi (Nigeria)

Dōzo go-buji de (Have a Safe Trip)
Yoko Nogami (USA / Japan)

The Long Journey
Efterpie Araouzou (UK / Cyprus)


PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers 2023

Nominees submitted:

The Olive Theory
Naoise McGuinness (Ireland)


​Best of the Net 2023

​Nominees submitted:

Dark Matter
​Granville Carroll (USA)

Dawn’s Blossom
​Nicolas D. Sampson (UK)

Fertile Land (ბარაქიანი მიწა): A Symphony in Six Parts
Dato Magradze (Georgia)

​Rosanna Greaves (UK)

select important things
​Jane Frances Dunlop (UK)

Sylvie and the Wild Boar
D.D. Wood (USA)

Syracuse, Siracusa
Joan Leotta (USA)

The Stills are Silent
​Aimee Morales (Philippines)

The Train Rolls On
Samuel Autman (USA)

Three Places
​​Sarge Lacuesta (Philippines)

​Pushcart Prize 2022

​​Nominees submitted:

Beyond White Guilt: Imagining Sydney as Pre-Colonial Site
​​Helen Moore (UK)

Indifference to Gratitude
​​Tivara Tanudjaja (Indonesia)

La Familia
Luke Dumas (USA)

Peace by the Water
​Stephen Lightbown (UK)

Spirit Animal
Och Gonzalez (Philippines)


Nominations process

We first seek nominations internally. These are then pooled, shortlisted, and forwarded to the respective prize juries. In each nomination we are looking for an immediacy of the work, allowing readers to quickly immerse themselves in story, narrative, text, or art — providing a fair selection that both helps the individual authors and our broader efforts as a community. ​Each of the prizes are held in general regard and follow their own cycle, limits, and other criteria. ​See brief info below:


​Pushcart Prize

We can submit up to six nominations annually from work we’ve published (or will publish) within the calendar year. Nominations may be any combination of poetry, short stories, essays, memoirs or stand-alone excerpts from novels. Translations are welcome, as are reprints and both traditional and experimental writing. ​Pushcart accepts submissions from 1st Oct – 1st December (postmarked) for the upcoming edition. We typically submit in early November to ensure work can be considered from across all issues we publish throughout the year.


​Best of the Net

We can submit up to six poems, two stories, two works of creative nonfiction, and three works of art each annual cycle. All nominations must have been published online between 30th June of the current year and 1st July of the year prior. Best of the Net accepts submissions from 1st July – 30th September annually. We plan to submit our nominations in August each year.


​PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers

PEN accepts submissions from 1st June – 1st November annually for debut works of fiction published within the same calendar year.


Author feedback

Thank you so much for considering my writing worthy of this award. It would be wonderful to share the pleasure with Panorama!

This is such an honour. Thank you for considering my essay for the nomination. You’ve started my weekend on a high note.

This certainly comes as a positive surprise and honour for sure! I appreciate you submitting my art on behalf of Panorama Journal. Fingers crossed it makes the final cut. Thank you for the support!

I am honoured! Thank you! I am so thrilled that you felt my work worthy of this.

Thanks, this is brilliant and much appreciated!

Wow! Nobody has ever done this for me. Thank you so so much. I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much. I feel quite honoured.

I didn’t expect this. It’s an honour indeed, and very moving. I’m delighted. Thank you. I want to reemphasise the great work Panorama is putting out there and the wonderful energy behind it.

It’s my honour and I am so grateful to you for this. What a pleasant surprise! Salamat.

Wow, thank you so much!! This is a great surprise and honour. With much gratitude.

Oh my goodness, yes! What an honour. Thank you!

Oh my gosh, I would be so honoured. Thank you so much! You guys are so kind. Really appreciate it.