Three Places

Sarge Lacuesta


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Another Place 

I was lonely so I took another, but the other 
was lonelier, one of a generation 
taught to pleasure themselves instead, 
left behind by father and husband 
and mother, leaving holes and hills 
for cities and places to start again, 
the sides of the world where they called  
from stones, plains, and trains, 
the sun never setting in their screens, 
and when she finally came she looked 
out into a windowpane of empty 
space and she gathered her dead and 
her country floated into place.



Dear ghost, dear monster, 
I am happiest when you are here 
Fixated in my hotel bed, the only thing 
Permanent at this time. It was the second 
Thing I was scared of as a child, 
To ever see a ghost. In my mind it was always a man 
Parted from a woman he loved. 
The first thing I was scared of was to die.



As we drive into the country in her electric car, we look into the sky, so dark and starless, and silent. Perhaps to fill the silence she starts speaking about her habit of picking up rocks by the cold, random streams in the woods. 

There are all kinds of granite, she teaches us. With all sorts of names like Volga Blue and Black Pearl. Her nine-year old daughter takes a hammer and she splits the rock, and there’s a field of bright crystals in my mind.

Sarge Lacuesta

is a

Nonfiction Editor for Panorama.

Sarge’s background in non-fiction is rooted in his editorial roles at a number of publications, including Esquire Magazine (Philippines), where he is editor-at-large, and the literary journal Luna, where he is longform editor and creative director. As a writer, he has published numerous articles and essays covering themes ranging from travel to short personal memoirs in magazines and anthologies. He has also written biographies and monographs covering Filipino luminaries, historical events and films. He writes his novels, short stories, graphic stories, and poetry as Angelo R. Lacuesta. His latest book, JOY: a novel, was published in 2022 by Penguin Random House SEA.


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