The Stills are Silent

Aimee Morales


He travels. His
pictures are his way
of taking me.

He has always
taken me.

That’s just the letter C.

I see what he wants
me to see.

Outside the frames:
a sigh, a light
lilting exclamation.

My eyes
travel within
the borders,
the rest of me
are with the
dust & dishes.

You, body & soul
freely frolic
in the mud.

Aimee Morales

is a

Contributor for Panorama.

Aimee Morales is a freelance writer, editor, and writers’ rights advocate. She was an MA student for English Poetry at the University of the Philippines. Her first book, “Why Mandaya Teens Have Sharp Black Teeth” came out under Balangay Books in 2015. Five years later, Aimee self-published her second book, “Alignment: Lessons on Writing”. Aimee is a single mother, qigong and eskrima practitioner, and creator of the #santoshaproject – a personal effort to encourage more people to incorporate the Santosha gratitude practice into their daily lives.