Cecelia Hae Jin Lee Gastronomy Editor

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee: Gastronomy Editor

“Exciting food and travel writing invites the reader to an open seat at the global dining table. It doesn’t look with an exotic gaze into someone else’s cuisine. It isn’t about romanticising the killing of a goat or presenting rituals as some kind of alien ceremony. Sharing a meal on the road, be it a can of tomato soup in an empty hostel or an elaborate feast in a sunlit garden, is a way to communicate without the need for a shared language. Food is an equaliser, a bridge, a connector. We want Panorama to be an invitation to that open table—to bridge that gap between cultures, people and language. We cannot argue when our mouths are full.

Cecilia is the author of three cookbooks, two Frommer’s guides, and has contributed to four gastronomy collections. She is a restaurant reviewer, regular contributor and photographer for the Los Angeles Times. She has received awards from Food and Winemagazine and Gourmet magazine, and was nominated for a James Beard Award.

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