Written by

Kevan Manwaring


25th November 2011






O Books

Turning the Wheel: seasonal Britain on two wheels

The frisky Oss appeared – the dancers and drummers in a kind of shamanic trance (induced by a day of drumming, dancing and beer). They were wilder than ever; the atmosphere was positively Bacchanalian and I felt we had all become lost in a kind of collective folk consciousness.’ On two wheels across Britain ‘Bard on a Bike’ Kevan Manwaring searches out the places and people who mark the seasons and cycles in their own special way – in ceremonies and festivals both private and public, large and intimate, ancient and modern. Along the way, he experiences and relates moments of sacred time found in the unlikeliest of places and circumstances, showing how it is a state of mind that can be experienced not only at sacred sites, but in the everyday. A collection of reflections about being fully alive in the Twenty First century, as much a useful guide for the curious, Turning the Wheel is a wise and witty account of a leather-clad time-traveller.



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