Written by

Murzban F. Shroff


2nd October 2022






Astrophil Press

Waiting for Jonathan Koshy

The latest US release for John Gilgun Fiction Award winner, Murzban F. Shroff.

In the heart of Pali Hill, the Beverly Hills of Mumbai, four friends await the arrival of Jonathan, a man greatly appreciated for his wit, his effervescence, and his indignation, a man exiled from his home state. Through their conversations, we learn of the tumultuous life of Jonathan — how he single-handedly breaks up a gambling den, disarms a rioting mob, charms a recovery agent, evades arrest at a drug-ridden rave party, and brightens up the lives of sex workers and their children. Jonathan has a solution for every crisis that strikes others, but not for his own dysfunctional family life. It is left to life then to resolve matters for him. Drawing on the terse intensity of a play, the sparkling wit of a stand-up comedy, and the insights of a thought-provoking novel, WAITING FOR JONATHAN KOSHY reflects the triumph of a spirit that refuses to let up on humor and quick thinking in the face of intense personal adversity. It is a book about friendship, perseverance, and duty. Most importantly, about life’s late but redeeming powers.

Building in anticipation toward a friend’s arrival, the novel WAITING FOR JONATHAN KOSHY, shows how people and relationships evolve over time.–Foreword Reviews

What a delicious irony sits at the heart of Murzban F. Shroff’s WAITING FOR JONATHAN KOSHY: the central character is almost larger than life, having done the things we all might dream of doing to serve others in desperate situations; but in his own life, for his own welfare, he is, in many ways powerless. By magnifying the heroic, Shroff unflinchingly portrays our human vulnerability. WAITING FOR JONATHAN KOSHY is a fascinating reading experience from a deeply skilled writer.– Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize Winner

WAITING FOR JONATHAN KOSHY is a splendid portrait of its quixotically hard-hustling hero. Murzban Shroff’s kaleidoscopic image of Koshy’s passage through the complications of his journey offers a remarkably frank and revealing view of twenty-first century Indian life.– Madison Smartt Bell, National Book Award Finalist

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