Un/Packing Psychogeography

As the former Psychogeography Editor of Panorama, I would like to provide the following (fluid, playful, provocative) criteria for those considering submission for one of our call-outs.

Leaving Behind

  • Capitols (London; Paris anyway…)
  • Solipsistic intellectualism.
  • The pontifications of the lone, white male.
  • Obfuscation and needless jargon.
  • A performance of erudition over a sincere, embodied engagement and strong sense of voice.
  • ‘Wikipedia-lit’ and Rough Guide
  • Self-importance (it’s only going for a walk).
  • Maps (‘Done with the compass, done with the chart’, Emily Dickinson).
  • Smart devices.
  • Footnotes, end-notes, a bibliography (‘death-by-quotes’).

Taking with Us

  • A compassionate, curious gaze.
  • A visceral, authentic response.
  • The Flâneuse.
  • A multi-dimensional form of exploration, one that is both diachronic and immediate, vertical as well as horizontal, outward as well as inward.
  • Self-excavation – a form of travel through one’s own history.
  • Body writing – maps of the skin.
  • Voices of the marginalized: the psychogeographies of indigenous peoples, BAME, LGBTQ+, Traveller culture, asylum seekers and refugees, working class, etc.
  • An awareness and acknowledgement of the challenges of the Climate Crisis, and the seismic destabilisation of the Anthropocene (‘The Earth has moved,’ Prof. Bruno Latour).
  • Humility: a disavowal of omniscience.
  • An ethical foregrounding. A responsible form of writing, sensitive to cultural appropriation. An exoticisation of the self, perhaps, but not the ‘other’.
  • Humour.
  • Soulfulness: a Psyche-geography, rather than a Psycho-geography.
  • Mindfulness (mind in one’s feet; mind in the pen).

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