Leslie Hsu Oh Contributing Writer 1

Leslie Hsu Oh: Senior Editor

“My Navajo name means journey to bring out gifts. That is my goal when I’m travelling.”

“Leslie Hsu Oh is one of the most innovative outdoor writers today. Her prose style has a combination of spare lyricism, perfect rhythm and sensory power that seems almost like magic, bringing her readers fully into the worlds she re-creates,” says former Editor-in-Chief, Katie Ives of Alpinist. Her writing and photography have also won awards like the Lowell Thomas and NATJA. In addition to being named White House Champions of Change for AAPI Art and Storytelling, she covers indigenous knowledge, sustainable travel, ecotourism, outdoor adventures and gear, culinary arts, parenting, health and wellness. She has a degree in biology, ethnobotany, MFA in creative nonfiction and public health from Harvard. Her writing and photography appears in Alaska Magazine, Alpinist, Backpacker Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, First Alaskans Magazine, Fourth Genre, National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Parents Magazine, Smithsonian, Sierra Magazine, Washington Post, Vogue and more. Leslie guest edited for Alpinist Magazine, and taught at University of Alaska Anchorage as an adjunct faculty in creative writing and business writing. Leslie joined Panorama as an Outdoor Editor and was then promoted to Senior Editor.