Deep Field

Ahrend Torrey


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Tonight, you’ve turned away
from everything that is not

the earth, the moon, the stars.
In the late autumn field, on your back,

where the corn stalks have all been ploughed
you look up into the past—

and in that far distant place
you finally understand yourself,

beneath the stars. You see the light
that reveals how you’ve become

the living being that you are—
the one who has turned away

from everything, except
for the earth, the moon, the stars…

Ahrend Torrey

is a

Guest Contributor for Panorama.

Ahrend Torrey is the author of This Moment (Forthcoming, Pinyon Publishing, 2024), For What Are the Blossoms Reaching? (Limited Edition, Pinyon Publishing, 2023), Ripples (Pinyon Publishing, 2023), Bird City, American Eye (Pinyon Publishing, 2022), and Small Blue Harbor (Poetry Box Select, 2019). His work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, Slippery Elm Literary Journal, storySouth, The Greensboro Review, The Westchester Review, Welter, and West Trade Review, among others. He lives in Chicago with his husband, Jonathan, their two rat terriers, Dichter and Dova, and Purl, their cat.