Mr Tashi

Thida Nathalie

(Maesai, Thailand or Surrey, UK.)

In June 2015, Thida Nathalie visited Ladakh, ’The Land of High Passes,’ in northern India. The first interview with Mr Tashi was accidental, spurred by an intrigue in his coral-stringed turquoise earring dangling from one ear. Set up with natural light during his lunch break—he worked at the travel agency next door to the cafe I worked in—over the course of an hour, he answered all my curious questions from climate change to his journey to India as a Tibetan refugee.

Mr Tashi’s interview is ‘B-rolled’ using two years of personal travel footage Nathalie shot before deciding to study film. It ranges from Ladakh’s Manali Highway to Turtuk village, Zanskar valley, Hanu-Dha village, Achinathang village, Saspul village, Pangong Lake, Leh town, Markha valley, Tsomoriri, Hemis festival, Naropa festival to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s visit and LBA Youth Hostel volunteering. Mr Tashi became the first of a series of Human Stories from Plasma Productions.

Thida Nathalie

is a

Guest Contributor for Panorama.

Thida is a die-hard nomad and social entrepreneur, infatuated by human story. Since 2014, she has been traveling around the world to chase human stories and carve out meaningful narratives, like every good 'guerilla-filmmaker’. Intrigued by people and particulars that are anti-mainstream, she recently created her first docufiction series by blending observational documentary with superimposed VFX and VO which went on to win over 20 international film festivals. This year she plans to complete her first feature documentary about a Burmese ex-businessman turned monk; The Empire of Good Deeds.


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