Thida Nathalie

(Maesai, Thailand or Surrey, UK.)

Longwa sits on the ridge of an east Indian hill bordering Myanmar. The path is trailed with potholes and unreliable rides. Without strong conviction, constitution and stubbornness Longwa is not easily accessed. Penjun—who has lived in Longwa his whole life—is one of the few remaining Konyak tribe; the fiercest of headhunters in Nagaland. Battling intruders to death up until India’s 1971 partition, it was said that only the mild mannerism of the British could invade the infamously tattooed warriors on their hilltop havens. Penjun now spends his days with adrenaline-seeking tourists, and taking his grandchildren to school, whilst reminiscing on the days of old.

Thida Nathalie

is a

Guest Contributor for Panorama.

Thida is a die-hard nomad and social entrepreneur, infatuated by human story. Since 2014, she has been traveling around the world to chase human stories and carve out meaningful narratives, like every good 'guerilla-filmmaker’. Intrigued by people and particulars that are anti-mainstream, she recently created her first docufiction series by blending observational documentary with superimposed VFX and VO which went on to win over 20 international film festivals. This year she plans to complete her first feature documentary about a Burmese ex-businessman turned monk; The Empire of Good Deeds.


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