On The Padlock Bridge

Verona, city of love

Fatihah Quadri


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My hair is grey but at 5;30pm, it becomes gold. This is city where I watch the parting sun give the lizards the golden colour of evening and I am sitting with my hair upside down! Waiting for a transition of colours. The lizards on sidewalls like an assembly of men who gather for wine and tell you that you look so pretty on Friday.  At the vinery, a woman is returning every language with a kiss, I raise my eyebrows and say goodnight.  Here, someone says that kiss is the first language which mean we won’t go into extinction. Which means, here, no one shows you into a vineyard to pull your underclothes. In the middle of a crowd, we are locating Via Cappello 33 because a child told us to touch Juliet’s statue’s right breast for good luck. You bring me to a lock bridge and fasten me against the gate of your heart. Here, I’m not nervous, no one says love is a chemical reaction.

Fatihah Quadri

is a

Guest Contributor for Panorama.


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