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Ellie Cobb: Former Print Editor

“I’m excited to reinvigorate the genre, to turn it on its head and take it out of its own comfort zone. By showcasing voices that are not generally represented in mainstream publishing, travel writing will no longer be the domain of the privileged looking in. Instead we’ll journey to places and outlooks we never knew existed and experience the complicated realities of a life lived within those cultures. Panorama‘s vision goes far beyond “armchair travel” – it’s travel of the mind, of the spirit and the soul. A whole new perspective on the world.”

Ellie’s roles have included both Deputy Editor at BBC Travel and Commissioning Editor at Lonely Planet. She also is the driving force behind BBC Travel’s first long form travel narrative column, which was awarded two Lowell Thomas Awards, and the creative lead and editor of BBC’s groundbreaking Travel Pioneer series.

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