Sophie Ibbotson Managing Editor

Sophie Ibbotson: Former Managing Editor

“When you read intelligent travel writing, it opens your eyes to the issues which matter. We have a moral responsibility to be well informed about our world – to search, to question, and to analyse. It’s all too easy to disengage and remain within our comfort zone, but then all you’re left with is a blinkered view.”

Sophie is an orientalist, development consultant, and writer with a passion for the unknown and unseen. She is the author of five Bradt Travel Guides, including the first guide to newly independent South Sudan, and her writing and photographs have been published in Newsweek, the Financial Times, and the Sunday Telegraph. She is a trustee of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, an adviser to the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce, and has lectured about her travels at the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society.