Matthew Webb: Creative Director

“Travel photography has the opportunity to prick our senses and stimulate thoughts, yet the opposite is more common. The travel industry chooses images that help readers decide on holiday destinations, or make fantasy decorative postcards that people have little personal connection to. It is rare that travel photos are not made — or published — in a monotone homogeneous style that either act as advertising and ignore all the realities of a place–or focus solely on the ‘noble savage’ and how the traditional world struggles or disappears. We all know that the world is richer than how these kinds of images project it to be. At Panorama, we will acknowledge this, re-imagining the world by increasing the diversity in our images, as well as in the photographers who make them.”

Matthew’s work has been published by National Geographic RussiaThe Moscow TimesL’Oeil de la Photographie, and Time Out. His images have been presented in 28 solo shows, principally in the UK and Russia, and include his award winning Carbon Journey series.