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Sunday Dutro


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My husband comes in soaking wet and shivering. I drop the spatula, and shut off the stove, let breakfast burn if it wants to. “What happened?” I blurt, as I grab a towel, unable to come up with the correct words, a cross between “are you okay?” and “here’s a towel.” I collect his soaking wet clothes as he peels them off.

Your dog tried to drown me,” he laughs. He regales me with a tale of how our dog saw the aqueduct and decided to go swimming, unaware of the speed of the water nor the impossibly smooth and steep sides that would prevent him from getting back out. “I thought we were both going to drown,” my husband says. I clutch him tightly, trying to laugh as my heart pounds sickeningly, losing him in my imagination as I cling gratefully to him in real life. This will forever be the worst way to start a travel day, but it makes one hell of a story.

Sunday Dutro

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Guest Contributor for Panorama.

Sunday Dutro is a creative nonfiction writer with publications in or forthcoming with Bear Paw Arts Journal, Panorama Journal, and Paper Dragon. She is a Writing By Writers Manuscript Boot-Camp and Haven I Writing Retreat alum and lives in Montana with her husband, children, dogs, cats, and chickens. She is actively working on a memoir. Find her at sundaydutro.com


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