Emma Grey Rose

(San Diego, California, USA)

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It is in a place of light and sun that we sit, in a garden of blue skies and pastel flowers.  The garden is splashed in golds and yellows and whites that blink back like tears.  I think of your name, and it washes over me like prayers because it means comfort and love and peace.  The sunshine that lands on you does so in such a way that it bounces like fireflies at night, creating shadows and movement.  I say I love you and you say this back.  Because this is all I need or want to hear and since that is all I need or want to say, I can close my eyes.  I do so only briefly—because I do not want to lose sight of you—and so I lift my head to the sun, chin tilted back, until its warmth settles on my shoulders and falls past my neck.  You feel the sun also.  There are butterflies around us with big, white wings.  They fly like angels.  I ask if we can stay this way forever.  But you say that we cannot.  That’s because you have to get going soon but you do not know when.  I close my eyes once more and when I reopen them, you are gone.  It is only me—in my kitchen, at the sink, with the dishes, crying.  I stay this way until I can go back to the garden and rest once more because in my mind that is where I want to be and that is where I will be forever, waiting for you.  


The Poem I Read at My Father’s Funeral
26th of May

Emma Grey Rose

is a

Guest Contributor for Panorama.

Emma Grey Rose is a writer based in San Diego, CA. Her poetry has been published in deLuge Literary and Arts Journal, Pinky Thinker Press, the San Diego Poetry Annual.


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