Lascaux Conversation

Scott T. Starbuck

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“Tribe needs food
and here you are
making art again,
again, and again.
Claiming to hear
animals speak
in your dreams,
and see visions
of bird-headed men.
What’s wrong with you?”

“There is another kind of food
I, and others,
were made to make,
about which
you know nothing.”

Scott T. Starbuck

is a

Guest Contributor for Panorama.

Scott T. Starbuck’s Trees, Fish, and Dreams Climateblog—with a readership that spans 110 countries—has been praised by editors such as Adeline Johns-Putra of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China, and Kelly Sultzbach of University of Wisconsin, La Crosse in The Cambridge Companion to Literature and Climate. Scott taught ecopoetry workshops the past five years at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the UC San Diego Masters of Advanced Studies Program in Climate Science and Policy. His book Bridge at the End of the World, New and Selected [Climate] Poems, won a 2023 Blue Light Book Award, and his Hawk on Wire, chosen July 2017 as "Editor's Pick" at, was selected from over 1,500 books as a 2018 Montaigne Medal Finalist at Eric Hoffer Awards for "the most thought-provoking books."