What I Saw in the Street

Hannah Behrens

Some Might Say That All I’ve Done Is Stack Up a Heap of Objects
-Brenda Coultas
A Handmade Museum 2002

-Queen of Diamonds card– scuffed by a dog’s jaw

-jigsaw puzzle piece– lost for its purpose

-glass bottle– splintering back into nimble sand

-matchbox– one match left with no head

-toy soldier— the currency of a plastic voyage

-socks in the gutter– still folded together in solidarity

-fortune without the cookie–

The experts on Wall St. will be surprised
by your financial prosperity

-the street itself—

quarried from the bedrock of its infancy
ground down to the rubble of utility
mixed into the cement and asphalt of broken things

Hannah Behrens

is a

Guest Contributor for Panorama.


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